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Science, Music, and the Human Condition

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Get your daily dose! That’s the takeaway for 55 SOARS participants in Dr. Tracy Lipke-Perry’s class session, “Science, Music, and the Human Condition” held in Kellas Hall, October 3 on the SUNY Potsdam campus.Scientific evidence demonstrates that, not only are we ‘wired to move’ to music, but there is an inherent affective component.We feel better, too!Finding our musical groove activates the reward system in our brain so that we might continue to stay active and lead healthier, happier lives long-term.Got music?

Perry PT Solutions is a proud consulting partner to the CHIRPS MOCAP and VR Studio. We are trying to do our part to help address the high incidence of injury and pain in musicians.

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