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We help people in the Potsdam area recover from injury quickly, so they can get back to exercising, playing their sport or instrument and enjoying life. 

Is pain or injury keeping you from the active life you deserve?

Have you had a hard time deciding what to try first?

Maybe you have already tried things but are still in pain?

Maybe you were told you need to rest but when you get active again the pain returns?

Have you been given pain pills and muscle relaxants but know they are not treating the true causes of your pain?

Maybe you have tried physical therapy before  but they just gave you a bunch of exercises you can do on your own time and rarely received any manual therapy or one-on-one time with your therapist?

You may have had surgery that didn't solve the problem and may have made it worse. 

Does any of the above sound like your current situation?

If you can relate to any of the above scenarios, please know that you are not alone. Here are a few statements from people, probably a lot like you, who were in pain and found answers with our unique, one-on-one care and hands-on approach:

"I’m really enjoying my experience with Perry PT Solutions. The first appointment I made, Todd was able to get me in that same day, which was a huge help.


What I find so great about Perry PT Solutions is the quality of the personalized experience. Todd is great at what he does. But where he really excels is in listening to your needs as a patient, which is extremely valuable.


I initially went in to get help with sudden neck pain. I ended up going to follow up appointments to address other issues I had brushed off for years and to work on goals for better mobility in general.


Todd listens and helps you with things you wouldn’t think to address. I recommend Perry PT Solutions."


"Perry PT Solutions is hands down the best physical therapy experience I have ever had.


Todd creates an atmosphere where I feel very comfortable and valued as a patient. I feel that he is invested in helping me meet my goals and cognizant of my individual needs."


"Dealing with an old chronic injury and hoped for a better outcome from Perry PT Solutions than I had achieved in past attempts.


Todd was able to assess the situation quickly and we have followed a precise and realistic plan toward restoring function. The personalized professional attention and encouragement was crucial to sustain my efforts until real improvements were noticeable.


I will continue and highly recommend the practice to anyone seeking PT Solutions."


A Number of Things Set Us Apart From Other Physical Therapy Clinics and Treatment Approaches:

  • Full-hour  treatment sessions of one-on-one care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

  • You will see the same Physical Therapist for every treatment.

  • The Physical Therapist is board certified in Orthopedics from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

  • The Physical Therapist is certified in Manual Therapy from the University of St. Augustine.

  • A holistic approach to treating the entire person for a more complete and lasting return to the active life you desire.

Whether it’s a new injury or a long-term chronic issue, we treat pain and injuries from head to toe and are happy to discuss your situation over the phone to assess if it’s something we can help you with.

Call (218) 343-1218 or (315) 629-9798 to schedule a free phone consultation with the owner, Todd Perry, PT, DPT.


Todd Perry, PT, DPT

Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist

Certified Manual Therapist

I am a longtime sufferer of low back pain. After years of frustration seeking answers from various medical providers, I decided to become a physical therapist and learn how to treat myself. My back pain no longer limits me and I work out every day, mountain bike, ski, and travel without worrying about disabling back pain. My advanced training as a Manual Therapist encompasses all areas of the body including the neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and foot. Contact me today to learn how my exceptional services can help make you feel like yourself once more and get back to the activities you love doing.


My Background

Todd Perry

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Certified Manual Therapist

Todd graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology in 1988. After working as a personal trainer and as an exercise physiologist in a work injury rehabilitation program, he felt he needed to improve his  skills and knowledge in order to better assist his clients in achieving their goals. He was accepted into the Physical Therapy program at Kansas University and graduated in 1996 with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy and completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy from the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota in 2019. He has pursued advanced training in manual therapy throughout his career and became a Certified Manual Therapist in 2005 and a Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist in 2007. 

He is a proud member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the Orthopedic Section of the APTA, and the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT). He also volunteers as a delegate for the New York Chapter of the APTA. 

Todd has worked as adjunct faculty in Physical Therapy programs at Clarkson University and at the College of St. Scholastica in Minnesota. 

Todd enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing, and fishing. 


My Approach

Todd has over 25 years of experience and specializes in treating disorders of the spine and shoulder including acute and chronic low back pain, neck pain, and headaches. 


At Perry PT Solutions we provide full hour sessions of one-on-one care utilizing the latest evidence and highly effective hands-on Manual Therapy techniques. 

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