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Move better.  Feel better.  Be better.

We help people in the Potsdam area recover from injury quickly so they can get back to exercising, playing their sport or instrument, and enjoying life. 

Choose how you would like to connect with our expert Physical Therapists to get better faster:

  • Free phone consultation - call (218) 343-1218 or (315) 629-9798

  • Free 20 minute discovery session - call or text (218) 343-1218 or (315) 629-9798 to schedule 

What People Are Saying About Perry Physical Therapy

"I had lost 85% range of motion in my arm/shoulder when I went to Perry PT Solutions for physical therapy. Putting on my seat belt, taking off may coat, putting weight on my arm, and fixing my hair were all extremely painful.


At the first session, I was evaluated and treatment began immediately. An at home exercise program was put into place. It was very easy to follow, and there was daily accountability.


Today I have regained my range of motion and am virtually pain-free. Todd is a professional, competent, and caring provider of physical therapy. He asks pertinent questions and listens carefully to his patient's answers.


My honest opinion is that Todd Perry is the best health professional that has ever treated me. I am truly thankful for his expertise and kindness."



"Todd Perry saved my husband’s life -- literally. My husband had been shuffled from chiropractors, to physical therapists, to a pain clinic where he received injections for his leg and back pain. None of this helped, and some of it made the pain worse.

Because Todd didn't participate in our insurance, he wasn't limited to the standard amount of time a doctor can usually spend with a patient. He was able to take the time to really evaluate what was going on.


After only two visits, he discovered that the pain was a vascular problem and not something that physical therapy was going to cure. But Todd didn't stop there. Todd helped my husband get the tests he needed, and made sure he saw the specialists that could help him.


Without Todd’s attention to detail and attentively listening to the same complaints other doctors had previously dismissed, I don’t know if the problem would have ever been diagnosed properly... 


Three months after my husband underwent life-saving surgery, and five months since our last visit with Todd, Todd still checks in to see how we are doing. Todd Perry is a rare find in today’s healthcare and I would recommend him to anyone."


"Dr. Todd Perry has provided a great deal of relief to my sore, tense muscles. I have been to two different PT offices where they treat me and street me. 30 minutes of heat and ultrasound and a really lame exercise bike.


Dr. Todd is far superior to these methods. He spends time assessing my ailments by doing an evaluation that includes listening to me and observing my posture, gait etc.. Then he addresses the issues by stretching my muscles and doing trigger point work. He uses his hands to work on the muscles rather than relying on machines to do the work. He is also all about health and wellness. He shares his fitness knowledge with clients on how to gain mobility by incorporating stretching into daily life.


He follows up the appointment with stretching programs and email check ins. He is the total package in that he wants to get to the heart of your physical problems and provide relief and he does this naturally and by paying attention to detail."



Physical Therapy


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